Your Body Is Talking, Are You Listening? with Chrissy Dorn

Season #2


Have you ever asked your body to contribute to you? When you are in communion with your body, without judgement, magic can happen.


On this show, your host, Becky Vannes, talks with Relationships Done Different Facilitator, Chrissy Dorn, about your relationship with your body and ways to enhance it.


Your body is talking, are you listening?


Keys points from this episode’s conversation


  • Start Asking Your Body
  • Get Out Of Your Mind
  • Have Allowance With Your Body
  • Gratitude
  • There Are Two Ways You Can Live Your Life
  • Ask Your Body To Contribute

Start Asking Your Body

When you don't have a relationship with your body, you choose with your mind and you don't ask your body what your body requires.

Chrissy had a skiing accident and realised her body had tried to warn her many times beforehand not to go, but she wasn't communicating with her body.

How many times does your body tell you that you are not involving it in the equation and not asking it what it wants to eat, who it wants to be with, etc.?

What does your body require?

Every morning when Chrissy wakes up she asks her body "Body, what do you require?" "What can I contribute to you today?"

We all come from the Earth, so when you contribute to your body you are also contributing to the Earth; it's the same energy.


Get Out Of Your Mind

When you are in your mind, you are trying to control everything. As soon as you try to control with your mind, you can’t hear the whispers of the Earth. What if you were out of control with no definitions, conclusions, judgements and separations?

How do you know if you're using your mind? It could be a headache, it could be that you are really tired, etc.

Chrissy was tripping a lot. Her body was trying to tell her to be present in this 10 seconds rather than in the future.

How often is disease a sign from your body to be present enough to look at it? 


Hold your hands somewhere on your body and really earth yourself and connect yourself with your feet on the ground. That's when you start sensing what it is like to be in your body, then you can ask "Hey body, what do you require now?"

Other great questions when you have pain or dis-ease are:

"Who does this belong to? Is it mine?" "What is it, what can I do with it, can I change it, if so what is the next step?"

Your body shows you the way, the Earth shows you the way.


Have Allowance With Your Body

Your point of view creates your reality. What are you creating when you keep judging your body all the time?

What if you were in allowance of whatever your body chooses to be, rather than looking in the mirror and judging it? 

Your body always keeps changing, just like the Earth keeps changing, every 10 seconds.

Whatever your body looks like, when you are so in oneness with your body, you can wear anything and have so much presence; you don't need a modal shape for that.

Once you are in allowance of your body, you can honour your body with whatever it wants. Trust your body that it will show you the way of what is a greater contribution for both you and your body and the entire Earth.

What if that is trust with your body; that it always knows what will create greater right now?

It’s not just trusting that your body knows, but also that your body trusts you; you are all oneness. It’s like a tango where sometimes the body leads and sometimes you lead.

What can you create with the tango called your life?



Once you create this communion with your body and it becomes your best friend, gratitude falls into place much more easily.

Even in the shittiest situation, your body shows you how you can deal with that. Be grateful for every single situation that you and your body have allowed yourself to have; even cancer. Your body is showing you where some changes are needed and giving you something totally different to look at.

"Thank you for showing me, body."


Your body is also grateful for you. What signs can you look for that show you your body's gratitude for you?

When you have a sensation of ease and relaxation, that is gratitude from your body for you. Relaxation is the energy of gratitude, and it's also when you are truly vulnerable; the vulnerability of being totally present and seeing what is and just receiving whatever comes out of it. 

Ask your body to show you what gratitude is from your body if you are not aware of it; and just see what shows up.


There Are Two Ways You Can Live Your Life

1/ like a puzzle with edges that you live within, and each piece being predetermined where it fits by the maker of the puzzle.  It gets denser and denser as you work your way inwards from the edges, and once done, you destroy it and make exactly the same puzzle again.

2/ see what shows up. Your body is a piece of a huge mosaic, greater than the universe. It's you, your energy, your infinite being and your body.  Then you add whatever you like, wherever the energy is going, and you move it around wherever you like; wherever it creates more. Ask, "What's going to create greater here?"


Ask Your Body To Contribute

 When you truly truly desire something, have you ever asked your body to contribute to it?

Get connected with your body. Lower your barriers, connect with the earth eg feet on grass. It’s good to have 3 points of focus, eg your feet on the floor, your back against something, hands on body somewhere, and then ask, "Body what do you know here?" and listen to the whispers.

You can only hear when you are out of control and out of your mind.

Chrissy used this question to find her an apartment in an area where it's normally difficult to rent; "Body, show me what's next. Where do I need to go, who do I need to talk to, what energy can I be?"

Your body knows.

Chrissy’s body also told her to book a first class ticket, and the money just showed up.  It also turned out the points she got from that ticket paid for 6 other flights. That's what can happen when you are so congruent with your body!


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