How are your relationships doing? With your partner (if you have one), with your parents, with your friends, with your kids and colleagues? Are they amazing? Great? Just fine? Ok? Could be better…

Wherever you are right now when it comes to your relationships, what if there is actually way more possible?

What if there is a different way of creating all of your relationships? And what if it starts with you having a relationship with... you?

In the RELATIONSHIPS DONE DIFFERENT classes you will be given simple and pragmatic tools designed to empower you to create relationships that actually work!

Relationship. Are You Sure You Want One? Now on Audio Book read by the authors!

The classes

Relationships Done Different


The book

Relationship. Are you sure you want one?

The Facilitator

Simone Milasas

"All the classes I’ve taken may have been to get to this one. My reality fell apart when you said you didn’t want a relationship. Rattled all the lies out of my reality in seconds flat. Gratitude coming your way!"

Matt, USA
Attended the Relationship. Are You Sure You Want One? Book Launch

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