Creating A Relationship With Your Body with Dannielle Tooley

Season #2

Do you ignore your body until it’s screaming at you? What would happen if you were more present with your body, listened to it and took action, rather than putting up with pain, illness or things just not being right?


On this show, your host, Justine McKell, talks with 3-day Body Facilitator and Relationships Done Different Facilitator, Danielle Tooley, about creating a relationship with your body.


It's up to you to choose something different; and to choose to know that something different is available.


Keys points from this episode’s conversation


  • What Is A 3-Day Body Facilitator?
  • Being In Communion With Your Body
  • Tools For Teenagers
  • What Joy Can Your Body Bring To The World?
  • The Difference Between Body & Being

What Is A 3-Day Body Facilitator?

A 3-Day Body Facilitator is someone who can facilitate other people's bodies to create something different; whatever that is for them. Ultimately it's about having a communion with your body.

Danielle says that her job as a facilitator is for you to get awareness around your body and what you are creating with your body. It could simply be a question you haven't asked yet.  It’s about empowering you to get what that is for you; to have all the awarenesses so you can have more communion, more presence with your body.

Our hands are built to nurture and heal. As a baby you are cuddled and kissed and touched, but as an adult, unless you have a partner, you don't really get that, yet that is what bodies require. A 3-day body class gives you that touch the bodies are screaming for.

It's innate for our bodies to heal themselves. When you become more present with your body, the side effect of that is healing. Danielle stated that she will never get bored of listening to people's shifts and changes after a 3 day body class.


Being In Communion With Your Body

A lot of people ignore their body; it’s not a priority for them. If something is going on with your car, like a flat tire, you'll attend to it straight away, but if something's going on with your body, you’ll more likely put it off and only attend to it when it's screaming at you through some sort of pain or illness.

What if you made a conscious effort to really be intune with your body and what it's asking of you, so that you can attend to it before it gets to that stage?

Danielle said that she raised her kids to have a good relationship with their bodies. Danielle's daughter has a great relationship with her body; she loves it, enjoys it, has a sense of peace with it and tells Danielle whenever something is going on with her body and what it requires, like booking into a chiropractor because her shoulders are sore or asking Danielle to run a body process on her.

They've learnt that communion with their bodies from a very young age.


Tools For Teenagers

"Who does this belong to?" is a great tool for teenagers.  Look at who the teenager is amongst. Most of them are all thinking the same thing. Ask them, “Is it possible there is someone in your class that could be thinking that?” Danielle has had the experience where the teenager realises that there actually is someone and they get to know that they are just really aware of what’s going on for other people; that they are aware of other people's thoughts and the pain and suffering in other people's bodies. They can ask themselves, "Does this actually belong to me?" 99% of the time it's not theirs. Return it back to sender. 

Another great tool is Interesting Point of View. It assists you to become more of the observer than reacting to whatever is going on around you.

Teach your teenagers to have gratitude with their body; waking up each day with a sense of gratitude.

Maybe start a journal - what can they write that they enjoy about their body?

Explain to them that there is no cookie cutter mould with bodies, and we all want something different than what we've got. Dr Dain Heer, the co-creator of Access Consciousness, talks a lot about embracing your supposed ‘wrongness’; because it's actually your strongness.


What Joy Can Your Body Bring To The World?

You chose this body. you chose to be on this Earth in this physical form, so what if it's about the joy and enjoyment of it?

If you come from a family where your mum judged herself profusely, most likely you will too; unless you go "This is crazy. I am going to do something different."

Get a pen and write on your mirror something to remind you of the beauty that you be.

You got this vehicle for life. You chose it. What beauty is it going to bring to the world?

It doesn't mean you have to be beautiful; beauty comes from all angles. How would you like to engage with the world? Your body is part of that engagement. We require bodies to do that. 

What would you like to bring to the world with your beautiful body? 


The Difference Between Your Body & Being

Your body and Being are two different things, and they work together. 

The body is what is sitting in the chair, and your being has been here many lifetimes and experienced many different things. Once this body dies, the being chooses another body.

This exercise will assist you to get a sense of the difference between the being and the body:

Find 3 points of contact when you are sitting in a chair, such as your feet on the floor, your bottom on the chair and your back against the chair. Breathe into this space, noticing those 3 points of contact.

Now, expand your Being out 180 degrees in all directions and occupy the space of the room you are in. Keep expanding and occupy the space of the world.  Keep expanding out and occupy the space of the universe.

You will have a lot of awareness from this space. You may notice there is no pain or suffering in your body. It’s also a great exercise if you are feeling really contracted, or when in crowds.

Use this exercise when you are out in public and the awareness of other bodies becomes way too much for your body. You can be aware of other bodies but you don't have to take it into your body.


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