Business With Your Honey

Season #1

There are many points of view around doing business with a partner you are in an intimate relationship with, ie your ‘Honey’, one of the most prevalent being that you should never do business with an intimate partner. What if nothing ever meant you should never do it again? What if instead, you asked a question and followed your awareness in each circumstance?

The difference between a relationship and a creationship is that a creationship allows you to create greater, no matter what the circumstances.

On this show, your hosts speak about the potential pitfalls of doing business with your honey. Listen to their personal experiences in this area, and the tools they used to create more ease.

Keys points from this episode’s conversation

  • Melody & Harmony
  • Honor your partner
  • Don’t make it all about the business
  • Nurture the relationship you have with yourself
  • The success or failure of the business doesn’t mean anything to the relationship


Melody & Harmony

One of the potential pitfalls of doing business with your honey is when you disagree on something in the business.  Work out whose choice and decision is the trump card in different areas.  If they have more knowledge and experience in a particular area, will it create greater to concede to their choices in this area?

Recognise who is driving things forward (Melody) and who harmonizes with that choice and adds to it.  Acknowledge where each other is strong and where you can contribute to the other person being even stronger; “You have an awareness of something I don’t, you run with it.”

Honor Your Partner

Honor your partner by acknowledging their choices that are different to yours, and trusting that they are going to create more.  Trust that everything will work out in the long term.

Also, allow them the freedom and the space to fail.  If it's an area they feel strongly about, let them choose; let them make their own mistakes and develop their own awareness.

Don’t Make It All About The Business

Another potential pitfall is that all conversations become about the business; when you’re at home, when you are out to dinner, etc.  Create some space just for the relationship, such as ‘date night’.

Nurture The Relationship You Have With Yourself

Look after the relationship you have with yourself in regards to the relationship you have with you in business.  Value yourself.

Your life is your business.  What brings you joy, what creates more in your life, and what adds to it?


The Success Or Failure Of The Business Doesn’t Mean Anything to The Relationship

Just because a business fails doesn't mean the relationship fails. It doesn't mean anything for the relationship; the relationship can still be glorious.

Likewise, the business can be really successful and that doesn't mean your relationship is going to be great. It doesn't mean anything about you, them, your life, the business… It’s just an experience you are going into together. They are two separate things that we tend to bring together and not know where one starts and stops.

Ask questions like, "Is this going to work?"

Daily Questions 

  • “What will create greater?” 
  • "Is this going to work?"


Your Hosts

Paula Peralta 

Christopher Hughes 

Melanie Meade 

Justine McKell 


Relationships Done Different




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