Who's Money Is it?

Season #1

If you make it about the money, it will never work. At the end of the day, you have to look at “Are you having fun?" Not only does that make for a greater relationship, money actually follows joy. 

On this show, the hosts speak about contribution and gratitude in relationships as opposed to looking at who does and doesn’t earn what. If you go beyond the money, it becomes more about creationship.

Listen to the hosts’ relationship examples to gain a greater awareness of having gratitude for the contribution you and your partner be, beyond money, and creating the life you desire together. 

Keys points from this episode’s conversation

  • What does contribution look like in relationship?
  • What do you want to create as your life?
  • How did your parents do money in relationship?

What Does Contribution Look Like In Relationship? 

The contribution side of who is contributing what isn't necessarily about where the most money is earned.  Look at what the person is contributing to the whole.  And it's not just about what your partner chooses to do within the relationship, it's the energy they are that adds something different and allows you to go further, faster.

 When you make it about the money, and traditional gender roles you are limiting what you can create together.  Start to question what you may have been taught in this area; "Does this work for me? Is this the relationship I want to create for me?"  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. 

 There are so many different ways to negotiate this and create contribution within relationships. Look at where you and your partner are contributing in other ways - anything from being a great lover, to cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids; so many other things - and have gratitude for them. For example, would you have the same ease if your partner didn’t contribute to keeping the house clean, etc.?  

If you are determined to hold onto the traditional gender roles in your relationship dynamics, what does that create?  Would it create more ease to let them go?

What Do You Want To Create As Your Life?  

Have a look at what you want to create as your life.  It’s not about falling into roles because a role needed to be filled.  Nor is it about just rolling with what is at the time.  You have to create your life.  Ask, "What would I like to create as my life?" and choose towards creation. And you don’t both have to be on the same page.  When you are both choosing to create your life as greater, it becomes a creationship.  It's about what can you both contribute to creating the future you know is possible?

And, it doesn't matter how long the relationship lasts, the creationship is so much what makes relationships fun!  "What can we create? What would be fun?  What are our strengths? What can we create together as we are moving through life?"  Without that, it's boring

How Did Your Parents Do Money In Relationship?  

Are you creating the same in your relationships that your parents did? Or are you creating to not do what your parents did? With either one, you are not truly choosing something that works for you. You are either rejecting something or aligning and agreeing with something to create a reality that is not even yours.

What if you stopped and had a look at your relationship and ask, "Does behaving in this way actually really work for me?"

Daily Questions 

  • "Does this work for me? Is this the relationship I want to create for me?" 
  • “What am I grateful for?"
  • "What would I like to create as my life?" 
  • "What can we create? What would be fun? What are our strengths? What can we create together as we are moving through life?"


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